Welcome … to a place of transformation.

My books teach women how to stay strong in the face of adversity, to develop resiliency and to embrace a sense of self that can overcome any challenge.

My children’s books help kids overcome negative peer pressure and build self-esteem through powerful and engaging works of fiction that teach girls it’s empowering to be unique.  I’m so excited to announce The God Squad’s first adventure, The God Squad: Mission Him-Possible, the Distorted Mirror is now available.

image007I’m also excited to introduce my latest book release, God’s Special Forces, A Training Manual for Becoming a Young Woman of Quality. In God’s Special Forces, I’m sharing  the charm course I developed for girls.

Now I’m offering the Color Me Beautiful Etiquette and Social Skills Development Program…a program whose time has come. The program comes complete with facilitator’s manual and everything you need to facilitate a group of 8 girls. 

God’s Special forces is a very special and unique program designed to teach young ladies how to be ladies.  It’s more than just a charm school.  God’s Special Forces works on the girl’s self-esteem and uses the Word of God to speak the truth about who she really is.  God’s Special Forces teaches young ladies how to present themselves to the world with elegance and style. GSF is a must have class for all young ladies.”
~ D. Walker

I don’t know about you, but I needed help in not only presenting myself but also in basic etiquette and social skills development. I was fortunate to have some great women, women I’ve dedicated this book to, come into my life and prepare me for my what I term, “kingly encounters.”  Just as Esther was “groomed” and prepared for her kingly encounter, so today’s young women need to be prepared to meet their kingly encounters in a global society that demands they be not only well-educated but versed in proper etiquette and possess outstanding social skills.  The GSF Charm Course, if followed will go a long way in that preparation.

You can go through this book with your Mom, with a friend, in a group or even on your own.  Either way, you will find yourself enjoying this book full of information and ideas that will help you explore and discover true beauty, accentuate the positive, be style savvy, put it all together, and give you more confidence than you ever dreamed. Get your copy today!